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What is DVD-Create??

DVD-Create, a DVD-Video creation framework. DVD-Create will not just offer a free DVD Authoring solutions for Linux and Unix. DVD-Create offers you a framework that enables you to write DVD creation, editing, and backup software without needing to know all the secretes of DVD-Video.

The right ting (TM) - DVD-Create will be implemented the right way. This means that the frameworks design is so flexible that it will be able to cover all aspects of DVD creation from GUI DVD Authoring, via DVD editing to DVD recorder. DVD-Create will offer you the freedom to create your special DVD creation application with out needing to know the inner secrets of DVD-Video. However since DVD-Creates makes the right thing we will not hide the developer from the inner secrets of DVD-Video this means that we provide simplicity but also control and power for those how want that.

DVD-Create is a clean implementation - this means that we have not touched, read or in other ways been in contact with the DVD-Video standard that is published under a NDA contract.

A side goal of DVD-Create is also to document the DVD-Video standard. Today the free information about a DVD-Video standard is scattered around the internet. To be able to implement DVD-Create we will consolidate and correct this information along with filling in the gaps.


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