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How you can help

There are many ways you can contribute to DVD-Create even if you do not code. We need people to help out with:
  • Documentation, and even with the new Web site
  • Sending us IFO files especially VIDEO_TS.IFO from DVD-Video that has the DVD-TXT extension.
  • Testing of DVD-Create application - at the moment dvdbackup but when we get things going we will need massive testing of the DVD create engine.
If you which to help out coding or not please send a mail to olaf_sc@yahoo.com.

CVS access

The primary CVS repository for DVD-Create is maintained at SourceForge.net. Hopefully we will soon get bug tracking, task lists and other functions going too.

Mailing lists

Two mailing lists are hosted for DVD-Create through SourceForge and are open to the public:

DVD-Create development mailing list:
This is the primary development mailing list and is very active.

DVD-Create users mailing list:
This list deals with useage of software created by the DVD-Create or related to the DVD-Create project (The list is currently not active)

Bug Tracking

Sorry not functional/used at the moment:
Bug Tracking @ SourceForge
:: c o n t r i b u t o r s
Olaf Beck
Member of the core development team.

Dave Chapman
Member of the core development team.

Rich Wareham
Member of the core development team.

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